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Binary options trading has been steadily gaining popularity for the past few years. Whether it’s to make some extra money on the side or a full-time job, more and more people are getting engaged in the business of dealing with fixed return options (FROS). While Binary options trading might seem like an easy thing to do, it is not. A beginner should make sure that they do their research lest they lose a lot of money.

The first thing a novice trader should do is to find areliable binary options broker. Workingwith the right broker can make all the difference when it comes to options trading. Although many

brokerage firms offer excellent service, most of these firms’ trading platforms are not user-friendly. Because of this, novices will not likely benefit from their services. Banc de Binary is an exception to the rule: Banc de Binary offers the best service to both novices and experts in trading.

Banc de Binary is an option broker company that was established in 2009. Its clients engage in binary options trading on assets such as: commodities, indices, and stocks. Since its founding 4 years ago, it has grown into one of the best and largest binary options brokerages in the world. The company’s reach is worldwide – clients can trade on assets from over 30 countries.

With Banc de Binary, clients can trade on many different levels. Novices can benefit greatly from using a demo account on their website. The demo account enables novice traders to learn how to trade options with minimal risk. On the other hand, experts can trade at the Concierge Service level. Trading at this level offers many perks and functions that help expert traders make sound decisions.

Since we believe that many people can benefit from doing business with Banc de Binary, we have written a short primer on it:

How Trustworthy is Banc de Binary?

Extremely! Many novices are scared of doing binary options trading online because they find it hard to determine the legitimacy of brokerage firms. Their apprehension is understandable. Many of the "brokerage firms" out there are actually scams.

Banc de Binary is now considered one of the leading brokerage firms dealing with binary options. A Google search for it will reveal news items which validate its legitimacy as a reliable binary options broker.

Even though Banc de Binary has only been in the brokerage business for 4 years, it has received numerous awards from various organizations. These awards or distinctions include "2011, World Finance 100" from World Finance Magazine and "Best Binary Options Broker in the Middle East 2013" from JFEX.

As of January 2013, Banc de Binary is licensed as an investment firm by CySEC. Due to Banc de Binary being licensed by CySEC, it has become the first binary options brokerage that is regulated by the European Union.

Trading Platforms

Banc de Binary’s web-based trading platforms can be accessed anywhere. Whether a trader is in the US or in Japan, Banc de Binary lets them engage in trading with no restrictions whatsoever. How is this possible? Banc de Binary uses web-based platforms. What this means is that traders do not have to download specific software and then install it on their computers just so they can trade assets. They can do everything on the web. Another thing that makes Banc de Binary’s trading platforms superior to that of others is their intuitive interface. Whether the trader using them is new to binary options trading or an expert with years of experience, Banc de Binary’s trading platforms can help them make the most out of their trading experience.


Whether the value of an asset increases or decreases, the payout for the trader will remain the same. Since it is predetermined, traders will know the risk of trading assets right from the start. One thing that makes Banc de Binary appealing to many traders is its high returns. For the money trade, the rate of return is at a staggering 71%. When using the One-Touch Platform, the return can be as much as 500%.


90 kinds of assets from over 30 different countries can be traded at Banc de Binary – this is well over the industry average. The assets that can be traded at Banc de Binary include:


  • AUD
  • USD
  • EUR


  • Oil
  • Gold
  • Wheat

Equities (Stocks)

  • Amazon
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Google

One of the best things about Banc de Binary’s trading services is that it supports many different currency pairs. Because of this, those who trade at Banc de Binary can benefit from the precariousness of the Forex market whilst avoiding much financial risk.

When trading at Banc de Binary, people can choose four different expiration dates. These expiry times range from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Customer Support

Banc de Binary excels at customer service. Because they want to make sure that all of their clients from all over the world are well taken care of, they offer their customer support service in many different languages. Aside from English, these languages include Russian, Mandarin, and Japanese. Banc de Binary offers customer support that can be reached 24/7. Whether through a phone call or online, Banc de Binary’s customer support staff is always there to help clients.


With Banc de Binary, you can be sure that every piece of information you get is in real time. Because the price quotes are directly received from Thomson Reuters, traders can always make informed decisions when dealing with assets. The servers are hosted in high availability data centers with redundant failovers to ensure that the website does not go down during an important trade, and backups are made frequently to keep your data safe.


Banc de Binary offers a very reliable binary options trading service. The biggest draw to it is its trading platforms. Banc de Binary’s trading platforms are designed in such a way that both novices and experts can make the most out of their trading experience by using them. Banc de Binary is definitely one of the leading binary options brokerages in the world, and this is considering that they have only been in business for 4 years.